What are the robot tool challenges to be overcome?

In certain industrial fields, equipment - particularly electronic components - are subject to a significant amount of stress.

This stress eventually results in premature aging and, in most cases, a breakdown that can have a significant impact on the manufacturing process.

As we know, a robot tool changer contains electronic sensors and for several manufacturing processes it is the only means to ensure the optimal productivity of a robot.

In response to this problem, Stäubli was recently chosen to supply MPS tool changers on a sensitive application. It took up the challenge with the customer, putting forward a technical solution that replaced the induction sensors initially foreseen for the product with mechanical end-stop sensors installed on the periphery of the product.

Thanks to its expertise in robotics and energy connection for all industries, as well as its global presence, Stäubli is able to accompany its customers customers at every validation stage of the customer's specifications.

All Stäubli robotic tool changers are based on a modular product design that enables easy integration and immediate use, as well as seamless adaptation to the requirements requirements and environment of the customer.

The auto tool changers' mechanical reliability, the fact that they are in stock, and the commitment of our sales teams ensure you benefit from the robot's optimal flexibility and maximum precision.